All the steps for listing an item

Bring to light the value of your item and list it on Clozen:

  1. Post good quality pictures (up to 10*) ;
  2. Provide a precise title and a detailed description of the item ;
  3. Make it easy for the potential buyer to find the item by choosing the right category and sub-categories. Also specify:
    • Its size ;
    • Its brand ;
    • Its condition ;
    • The colour(s).
  4. Browse the site to see the prices of similar items to set a fair price (you can place a reserve on the price) ;
  5. Determine the ideal size of the package ;
  6. If you wish, you can bear the shipping fees ;
  7. Submit the item for sale by clicking on "Put up for sale". You can also click on "Save draft" in order to publish it at a later stage.

*A minimum of 3 additional pictures will be required for items over CHF 500.00.  

Do not leave out any details regarding wear and tear, scratches, etc. and include them in the description.

Finalising the listing

A good presentation of the item will ensure a high visibility and a successful sale!

Little extra:

For more information on the types of items that can be sold on Clozen, click here.