The importance of properly categorizing your items

We advise you to take a few extra minutes to properly categorize your items on Clozen.

In fact, our efficient search engine allows for a precise indexing of the items submitted by the community.

Clozen offers a 4-level classification system to give your item the best chance of being found easily and sold quickly. 

The rules of taxonomy:

  • Level 1 - Gender (female, male, girl up to 16, boy up to 16, baby girl up to 3, baby boy up to 3) ;

  • Level 2 – Item category (this refers to the type of category your item belongs to, e.g., clothing, shoes, bags, leather goods, accessories, watches, jewellery, beauty) ;

  • Level 3 – Item type (this refers to the group your item belongs to, e.g., tops, dresses, jeans, coats, lingerie, sportswear, boots, trainers, handbags, belts, hats, glasses, etc.) ;

  • Level 4 – Item type characteristics (allows you to refine the classification of a group of items, e.g., t-shirts, short dresses, skinny jeans, ¾ coats, bras, ski jackets, rubber boots, leather trainers, hats, sunglasses, etc.).

Please note :

Special care must be given to the classification of your item in order to facilitate its indexing. Clozen reserves the right to delete your listing if it is not correctly classified.

Here is a reminder of the items that can be sold on Clozen and those that cannot be sold.