All the steps for a successful sale:

Here are some things to keep in mind for a successful selling experience:

  1. Create a complete profile to build trust:

    • Creating a profile with a picture increases visibility for potential buyers ;
    • Introduce yourself briefly in the bio for a personal touch.
  1. Highlight your items to create an appealing showcase:

    • Browse the site to see the range of items for sale on Clozen ;
    • Plenty of pictures for an optimal showcase and a pleasant presentation quality will increase the interest of the potential buyer in your profile. A minimum of 3 additional pictures is required for items over CHF 500.00 ;
    • Describe and categorize the item accurately, indicating (with one or more visuals) any alterations ;
    • Set the price of the item (you can also place a reserve on the price) ;
    • Choose a suitable package size ;
    • To increase your chances of selling, you can, if you wish, bear the transport costs.
    • Frequently listing items online will allow for constant exposure of your shop and therefore for effective and efficient sales. Listing is completely free of charge.
  1. Ensure a good visibility of your shop

    • Selling items in batches with discounts will generate interest in buying ;
    • To sell faster, offer a better price to the user who has added your item to their favourites. To do this, click on the "Make an offer" button ;
    • Offer to pay shipping costs on certain items ;
    • Keep in touch with your buyer via the Clozen messaging system throughout the selling process to ensure a safe and secure environment. You also have the possibility of conversing in the language of your interlocutor thanks to our integrated translation tool.
  1. Successful sale? Now it's time to ship the package !

    • Choose a sturdy box (in the format selected when adding the item, except for batches which require an adjustment to the size of the package) in good condition and carefully pack the item ;
    • Once the sale is confirmed, the package must be shipped within 5 days ;
    • The shipping method must be in accordance with the one proposed by Clozen (Swiss Post) in order to avoid the cancellation of the order. The shipment must be made using a prepaid label provided by Clozen when the sale is finalized ;
    • Always make a recording of the preparation of your package, its sealing and its shipment ;
    • Clozen offers you the possibility of tracking your package, which you can view at any time in "my orders".

Please note:

Once at the Swiss Post office, if the size of the package shipped exceeds the size of the package selected when the item was listed on Clozen, you will be charged directly by Clozen for the additional costs charged by the Swiss Post.

  1. Item delivered ? Receive payment, rate your buyer

    • Once the sale has been confirmed by the buyer, the amount paid will appear in your Clozen Wallet ;
    • If the Clozen Wallet is linked to a bank account, the money can be transferred to it within 2 working days ;
    • In order to promote safe transactions within the Clozen community, please feel free to leave a small comment and a rating for your buyer.