What is allowed to be sold on Clozen:

  • Textiles for women, men, children and babies, shoes and fashion accessories (bags, glasses, scarves, belts, hats...) ;
  • Perfumes & beauty products in their original packaging, beauty and cosmetic appliances ;
  • Watches (including smart watches) and jewellery.

Note: Sportswear, sports shoes, glasses, protective gear, helmets and small sports accessories are allowed.

Note 2: For hygienic reasons, only new underwear may be sold: the pictures illustrating the item must show the labels attached to the item, as well as, if possible, its packaging, its original cover. Labels detailing the composition and brand labels are not considered as labels.

Note 3: You may sell bras, swimwear, tights or socks that have already been worn, provided that they have been properly washed beforehand and that this is indicated in the description.

Important: Anything that does not fit into the above categories cannot be sold on Clozen.

What is not allowed to be sold on Clozen

  • Counterfeit products ;
  • Items that do not comply with applicable laws ;
  • Items that infringe on the intellectual property rights of their owners ;
  • All foodstuffs and food supplements, energy capsules, drinks, medicines (prescription or not), medical devices ;
  • Furniture of any kind ;
  • All types of weapons ;
  • Official uniforms, badges, accessories or any other type of object of the armed forces, police or other emergency services. International humanitarian aid emblems and names (on their own or on clothing) ;
  • Nazi or fascist uniforms and accessories ;
  • Items received free of charge ;
  • Animals ;
  • Reptile skins, shell products, ivory products (note: leather, sheep's wool, cashmere and mohair or fur products are allowed) ;
  • Pet supplies and products categorized as veterinary medical products, such as supplements and treatments (flea shampoos, vitamins, medicines, etc.) ;
  • Drugs, devices for the consumption of drugs, tobacco and related products such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic cigarettes or other vaping devices and accessories ;
  • Any item directly or indirectly related to or condoning violence of any kind ;
  • Any item that is hateful, discriminatory or directly or indirectly related to terrorism ;
  • Household appliances, kitchen utensils and accessories, high-tech equipment, video games, garden or DIY equipment ;
  • Musical instruments ;
  • Any item that has already been used and does not comply with hygiene standards, presenting a health risk for the consumer (opened beauty products, underwear already worn, piercings, etc.).

Report a prohibited item

Clozen places particular importance on its catalog. However, it is possible that items that were initially banned from sale are not spotted early enough. In order to help the community, please report items that are in violation of Clozen's sales policy.

Listing clean and non-degraded items

For a successful and satisfying selling experience for all, it is important that the items listed are clean.

If an item has any kind of defect or permanent stain, this must be clearly mentioned in the description and accompanied by a picture showing the anomaly.

Clozen has the right to cancel the order if this rule of goodwill is not respected.