An efficient description !

For an eye-catching listing, you need to give a detailed and honest description of the item and illustrate it with pictures that will show it in its best light. Here are some tips to increase the chances of a sale:

The title describes the item in the simplest form possible

For example, the following should be mentioned:

  • Type of item (dress, jumper, jeans, coat, ring, bag, purse, etc.) ;
  • The colour(s) ;
  • Possibly the brand and material (cotton, cashmere, wool, silk, leather, etc.) ;
  • Avoid including information that should be given in the detailed description.

For example:

 Ralph Lauren black cotton T-shirt
 Very nice T-shirt 

A detailed and honest description

Important information not to be left out of the listing:

  • General comment on the condition of the item ;
  • The size, the shoe size or the capacity mentioned on the label of the item ;
  • Composition (fabrics, fibres, products that could cause allergies, for example) ;
  • Any imperfections such as wear marks, permanent stains, holes, lint, scratches, tears, missing buttons, state of the zip, etc. ;
  • Mention of your height in cm (to add to your picture) ;
  • Advice on the care of the item is welcome ;
  • Indicate how recently the item was cleaned (e.g., dry-cleaned) ;
  • Don't hesitate to specify that you will carefully pack the item ;

For example:

 Very beautiful Maje mid-length dress, navy blue, in wool, size 38. In very good condition and worn a few times. Missing a button on the right sleeve (see picture). I am 173cm tall. The dress has just been dry-cleaned (never machine washed). I always pack my items with the utmost care.

 Blue dress in very good condition.

Please note :

An honest listing will build trust between members of the community and will keep everyone happy, from the initial interactions to the final evaluation.

All the elements presented in the description of the item must be related to it. If this is not the case, Clozen will delete the listing in question.

Buyers are protected by the Clozen Buyer Protection. If the item does not match the description, the buyer can claim a refund.

Please make sure that your reputation in the community is upheld by posting fairly and honestly, in order to get as many positive reviews as possible.