Choosing the right pictures

Nice pictures will ensure a pleasant visit to your shop and encourage the potential buyer to make a purchase.

Some important points to consider when choosing pictures to showcase the item you wish to sell:

  1. Wash and iron

    Before you start, make sure the item is presented in the same way and in its best light as in a real shop.

  2. PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor


    We strongly recommend that you download and use this application to apply a white background to some of your pictures (excluding the pictures of the item being worn).

    Here are the download links:


  3. Go for natural daylight

    Choose bright, natural daylight (no flash) to render the true colours and condition of the item. Make sure there is no backlighting.

  4. Picture quality

    Make sure that pictures taken in a neutral environment are sharp and avoid unnecessary additions (photo filter, written commentary on the picture, etc.).

  5. Act as a model

    Take one or two teaser pictures of the item being worn. This will give the buyer an idea of its cut and length.

  6. Photograph the item from the front…

    Lay it flat or on a hanger, take a picture of the whole item and apply a white background using the PhotoRoom application.

  7. Then from all angles

    Photograph it from the side, from the back, and then zoom in on any finishing touches that are worth highlighting: a pretty embroidery, a glittery belt…

  8. No hidden defects !

    An anomaly, an unremovable stain, a sign of wear or any other defect should be photographed and mentioned in the listing.

  9. Brand and authentication

    To prove authenticity, especially when it is a luxury brand, it is essential to show the details of the item (logo, invoice/certificate, labels, seams, etc.).

Happy selling on Clozen!