Successful sales in a safe environment!

  1. Provide a complete profile to build trust

    • Posting a profile with a picture helps to increase visibility to potential buyers ;
    • Introduce yourself briefly in the bio to add a personal touch.
  1. Place clear and detailed listings

    • Consult the Terms and Conditions of Sale on Clozen, especially on what is allowed or not allowed to be sold on our platform ;
    • Many pictures for an optimal presentation and a pleasant viewing experience will encourage the potential buyer to consider your profile more carefully ;
    • Provide proof of the authenticity of the items for sale ;
    • Describe and categorize the item accurately, showing any possible defects in the pictures.
  1. Respect others

    • The Clozen team is committed to ensuring that all members of the community feel comfortable and at ease on the platform ;
    • We ask that you communicate with courtesy, openness and respect with other members so that everyone is satisfied with their sales experience on Clozen.
  1. Successful sale? Time to ship the package / envelope !

    • Fast shipping of orders is a demonstration to the seriousness and thoroughness of a seller ;
    • The shipping method must be in accordance with the one proposed by our platform (Swiss Post) in order to avoid the cancellation of the order. The prepaid label provided by Clozen must be placed on the package / envelope and be clearly visible ;
    • The Clozen system provides security for all transactions, from the first contact between members to the completion of the sale. We cannot be held responsible if the transaction is concluded outside the Clozen platform ;
    • Always make a video of the preparation of your package / envelope, of its sealing and of its shipment.


Although we are confident in the honesty and integrity of all members of the Clozen community, in the event of a dispute you will be asked to provide filmed proof of packaging and shipping. In the event of a dispute, the buyer will also be asked to provide a recording of the reception and unpacking of the package / envelope. In order to guarantee the protection of the affected party and possibly a refund, Clozen will need this proof to resolve the dispute.

With regard to the recording of the shipment of a package / envelope, please make sure that you pay particular attention to the following:

  • The item (or batch) inserted in the package / envelope ;
  • Packaging finishes (adhesive roll, string, etc.) ;
  • Visible and unblurred Swiss Post prepaid label ;
  • Deposit at the Swiss Post counter with final sealing of the package at the counter for shipments over CHF 500.00.


With regard to the recording of the reception of a package / envelope, please make sure that you pay particular attention to the following:

  • The entire unopened package / envelope ;
  • Damaged parts ;
  • Packaging finishes (adhesive roll, string, etc.) ;
  • Visible and unblurred Swiss Post prepaid label ;
  • Opening the package / envelope and showing the contents ;
  • The item(s) that do not match the description given by the seller.
  1. Reviewing and commenting

    • In order to promote safe transactions within the Clozen community, please feel free to leave a small comment and a rating for your buyer ;
    • In the event of harassment, phishing attempts, insults, intimidation or if someone tries to get personal information or a picture of you wearing an item for sale, please report it to us.

Clozen invites you to report any problems or to contact us if you need help. We will treat the situation with great care and will respond via chat on working days from 09:00 to 18:00 or within 24 hours (working days).


  • If a member is the victim of abusive, discriminatory or defamatory language ;
  • If a member is the victim of harassment of any kind ;
  • If a comment is not related to a specific item or is not related to the activity on Clozen ;
  • If personal data is published in a comment ;

Clozen invites the member of its community to report the problem and will do everything possible to resolve the issue.