Setting a fair and reasonable price

Here is a suggested percentage for the selling price depending on the condition of the item:

  • New with tag and new without tag: approx. 60% of new price ;
  • Very good condition: approx. 40% of new price ;
  • Good and satisfactory condition: 10 - 20% of new price ;

Please note that in some cases and for rare, vintage or luxury items these suggested percentages may not apply. Sometimes the discount percentages are lower and some items may even be sold at a premium.

Clozen advises you to browse similar listings from other members to set your price as accurately as possible and give yourself the chance to succeed in your sale.

The little extra:

  • Setting a price slightly lower than those of other members will help you sell faster ;
  • Offering a small discount for batch items or out-of-season items will make your listing more attractive ;
  • The price range that can be set is between CHF 2.00 and CHF 10,000.00 ;
  • It is possible to change the price of an item at any time ;
  • You can also add a reserve price to your items so that you are not bothered by offers that are too low ;
  • Don't hesitate to bear the transport costs when you offer an item that is expensive, out of season or that you have difficulty selling.

Happy listing!