Choosing the right package / envelope size

To make the right choice:

From the 5 shipment sizes offered, choose the size that best fits the item or items sold in a batch (dimensions and weight).

In the information on choosing a package / envelope, you will find information on the sizes, the maximum weight, the rates offered and the insurance required for the value of your shipment.

Please note that you can to bear the transport costs when you offer an item that is expensive, out of season or that you have difficulty selling.

The different shipment sizes:

  • Small B5 envelope: CHF 2.90 - Weight: Up to 250g - Format: Up to 25 x 17.6 cm - Thickness up to 2 cm - Delay 1 working day;
  • Large B4 envelope - CHF 4.70 - Weight: Up to 1kg - Format: Up to 35.3 x 25 cm - Thickness up to 2 cm - Delay 1 working day;
  • Small package: CHF 7.00 - Weight: Up to 2 kg - Size: Up to 100 x 60 x 60 cm - Delay 2 working days;
  • Large package: CHF 10.00 - Weight: Up to 10kg - Size: Up to 100 x 60 x 60 cm - Delay 2 working days.


An additional insurance of CHF 2.00 will be added automatically to the shipping costs for any shipment with a value of more than CHF 500.00 with coverage up to CHF 1’500.00 and CHF 7.00 for any shipment with a value of more than CHF 1’500.00 with coverage up to CHF 5’000.00. Any shipment with a value of CHF 500.00 or more must be sent in a package.

There is no compensation for the B5 / B4 envelope formats in the event of loss or damage during transport.

We recommend that you weigh your items and fold them before choosing the package size. Do not forget to take into consideration the weight of the packaging (cardboard, newspaper or bubble wrap to secure the shipment, plastic bag to protect the item against dust and humidity, etc.).

Once the sale has been concluded and validated by the buyer, the size of the package / envelope cannot be changed. It is therefore necessary to choose the right option.

If the user chooses a package size that is too small, Clozen will charge them for the additional costs associated with sending the package. Clozen also reserves the right to suspend any user who is a repeat offender.

Sell a batch made up by the buyer

When a buyer constitutes a batch of several items from your wardrobe, you will be asked to readjust the shipment size. See our article how to sell a batch to learn more.

Film your packaging and the sending of your package

Although we are confident in the honesty and integrity of all members of the Clozen community, in the event of a dispute you will be asked to provide filmed proof of packaging and shipping. In the event of a dispute, the buyer will also be asked to provide a recording of the reception and unpacking of the package / envelope. In order to guarantee the protection of the affected party and possibly a refund, Clozen will need this proof to resolve the dispute.

With regard to the recording of the shipment of a package / envelope, please make sure that you pay particular attention to the following:

  • The item (or batch) inserted in the package / envelope ;
  • Packaging finishes (adhesive roll, string, etc.) ;
  • Visible and unblurred Swiss Post prepaid label ;
  • Deposit at the Swiss Post counter with final sealing of the package at the counter for shipments over CHF 500.00.


We remind you here which items can be sold on Clozen and which are not allowed to be sold.