Selling a batch of items

Selling items in batches may be of interest to buyers, who will be able to benefit from an attractive price and a discount on shipping costs for the purchase of several items. This can also help the seller to sell more items.

How to sell items in batches on Clozen ?

  1. It is possible to create a single listing for several items ;
  2. Buyers can create their own batch of items by browsing through the listings in their wardrobe.

Rules concerning the sale of a batch :

  • No duplicates

    An item cannot appear in two separate listings. If an item is sold in a batch, it is not allowed to create a listing where the same item will be put on sale ;
  • Pictures adapted to batches of items

    The main picture must illustrate the whole batch where the number of items sold must be clearly visible. No photocollage! Additional pictures must show the items separately ;
  • Weight and dimensions of the batch

    The items in the batch should be carefully weighed and measured when folded to determine the exact size of the packaging ;
  • Determining the price of a batch of items

    The advantage of buying in a batch is firstly to benefit from an attractive price. Determine the price of each item individually and give a small discount on the total price of the batch ;
  • Clearly define the nature of the sale in the title of the listing

    Clearly state the number of items for sale in the title and specify that it is a batch ;
  • Which category for a batch of items ?

    For a batch of items of the same nature (e.g., ring + bracelet), choose the appropriate category (e.g., jewellery). For a batch of clothes of a different nature (e.g.: dress + jacket + leggings), choose the main item of the batch and select the corresponding category. 

If a batch of items is put together by the buyer :

  • Select a suitable package / envelope size and respond to the buyer's price offer if applicable, you can also bear the transport costs ;
  • The buyer will have to click on "Pay" to make the payment ;
  • When the sale of the batch is validated by the payment, each item disappears from your wardrobe ;
  • It is possible beforehand to set % discount for the sale of batches of items by going to your Settings, then "Automatic Discounts" ;
  • Once the transaction is completed, you will receive the prepaid Swiss Post label.

Please note:

We advise you to weigh your items and fold them before choosing the package / envelope size. Don't forget to take into consideration the weight of the packaging (cardboard, newspaper or bubble wrap to secure the shipment, plastic bag to protect the item against dust and humidity, etc.).

Clozen takes a particular interest in listings relating to batches of items to ensure that they comply with the sales guidelines. If necessary, Clozen will hide the listing. 

In the event of a repeated violation of our terms of use, Clozen will be obliged to temporarily block your account. We recommend that you follow the procedure for putting your listings online and hope that you will have a great selling experience!