How to sell faster ?

Here are some important pointers to make it easier to sell your items:

Promote your listing

  • Make sure your listing is visible by posting nice pictures in the listing ; 
  • Change the title and description to make it more eye-catching if necessary ; 
  • Selling items in batches by offering a discount (see "Automatic discounts") or making an offer on an item that would take a while to sell will speed up the selling process ; 
  • Make an offer to members who have one of your items in their favorites ;
  • Please note that you can bear the transport costs.

Have an appealing profile

  • Introduce yourself in your profile, this will give members an idea of your personality, your style. All members of the community will be able to see your introduction.

Stand out

  • Regularly putting up new items will keep your profile visible to all members and attract newcomers ;
  • Offer discounts: members who have one or more of your items in their favourites will receive a notification informing them of the offer ;
  • Making an offer to a member who has already contacted you could encourage them to buy more quickly if they are still hesitant ;
  • For your expensive, out of season or difficult to sell items, you can bear the transport costs.