How to pack an item for maximum shipping safety?

Here are the steps you should take to ensure a safe and secure shipment:

  1. Choose a strong, fully resealable packaging:

    Cardboard packaging is recommended.
  2. A suitable package / envelope size:
    It should correspond to the size and shape of the item. For example, do not use a shoebox to pack a pair of gloves. Also, if you ship an item in a larger package size than the one you selected when you posted the listing, you will be charged for the extra associated cost.

  3. Well-packed items:

    To avoid unpleasant surprises on arrival, it is important to pack the item(s) well inside. Fill the empty spaces with shock-absorbing materials (newspaper, polystyrene, bubble wrap, etc.). Do not place any fragile parts against the sides of the packaging.
  4. Prevent dust and moisture from getting through:
    Wrapping the item(s) in waterproof bag(s) will keep them free of dust and moisture.

  5. Visible shipping label:

     Affix the Swiss Post prepaid label to a flat surface. The barcode must be clearly visible and not covered with adhesive tape, even if it is transparent. Check that there are no other labels or barcodes on the packaging that could jeopardize the shipment.

Film your packaging and the sending of your package / envelope

Although we are confident in the honesty and integrity of all members of the Clozen community, in the event of a dispute you will be asked to provide filmed proof of packaging and shipping. In the event of a dispute, the buyer will also be asked to provide a recording of the reception and unpacking of the package / envelope. In order to guarantee the protection of the affected party and possibly a refund, Clozen will need this proof to resolve the dispute.

With regard to the recording of the shipment of a package / envelope, please make sure that you pay particular attention to the following:

  • The item (or batch) inserted in the package / envelope ;
  • Packaging finishes (adhesive roll, string, etc.) ;
  • Visible and unblurred Swiss Post prepaid label ;
  • Deposit at the Swiss Post counter with final sealing of the package at the counter for shipments over CHF 500.00.


Clozen may have to cancel the sale and reimburse the buyer if the package / envelope is damaged during shipping due to improper packaging. In this case, you may not be compensated by the carrier (Swiss Post).

Please note:

The prices of the options and shipping costs are clearly mentioned during the payment of the order. These same rates may vary according to the size of the package and the value of the items it contains.