Receiving the payment when you are a seller

Once the transaction has been finalised, you will receive payment on your Clozen Wallet.

The amount will be available after the order has been finalised

  • Once the delivery of the order has been validated by the buyer by clicking on "Everything is OK" or 2 days after the delivery if the buyer does not report any particular problem, the order is considered as finalised. The payment will then appear in your Clozen Wallet - Amount available ;
  • If a problem is reported by the buyer within 2 days of receiving the order, the transaction cannot be finalised. Clozen will make sure that you are compensated or can get your item back (if you did not cause the problem).

How do I use the amount available in my Clozen Wallet?

When the payment is available in the Clozen Wallet, the seller has the possibility to:

  • Leave the money in the Clozen Wallet ;
  • Make a purchase on Clozen ;
  • Transfer the money from the Clozen Wallet to an associated bank account (SEPA zone only).

Please note :

The amount available in your Clozen Wallet can only be transferred to a bank account after you have activated your Clozen Wallet. You will need to provide proof of identity (KYC) and a bank statement in order to activate it.