Setting up the necessary information for the money transfer

For a first transfer, make sure that your Clozen Wallet is activated. To do this you need to submit a proof of identity (KYC) and a bank statement in "My bank details" which we will validate through our financial partner Lemonway.

To transfer the available balance from your Clozen Wallet to your bank account, enter your bank details correctly. They will be saved securely on Clozen and saved for future transfers.


The different steps to activate your Clozen Wallet after your first sale or refund

  1. Go to "My settings" ;
  2. Click on "My bank details" ;
  3. Add a copy of both sides of your valid identity document.
  4. Add your IBAN (SEPA zone only) and a copy of your bank statement containing your first name, last name, address, IBAN and the logo of your bank.

Please note that you may have to wait up to 24 hours for your identity to be verified. Also, if you ID does not meet our quality standards, you may need to submit it again.


Your first transfer from your Clozen Wallet to an associated bank account

  1. Go to "My settings" ;
  2. Click on "My wallet" ;
  3. Click on "Transfer" my wallet. The money available on your Clozen Wallet will be transfered to the bank account associated with your Clozen account.

When the information relating to the transfer of money is set up, it is no longer necessary to provide it again, it is saved in your Clozen settings. Simply click on "Transfer" to automatically transfer the amount from your Clozen Wallet to your bank account.  

Please note: Only IBAN accounts from the SEPA zone are authorised on Clozen.