What are the reasons for cancelling a transaction?

There are several reasons why a transaction may be cancelled:

If the order tracking is not updated

  • If the seller has cancelled the order before shipping the package / envelope ;
  • If the seller has not followed the shipping instructions or has not shipped the order within 5 days ;
  • If the package / envelope has been sent but Clozen has not received any information about the delivery within 5 working days, for the following reasons:
    • The seller did not use the prepaid (shipping) label provided by Clozen ;
    • The shipping method is different from the one offered by Clozen ;
    • The package / envelope was not scanned by the Swiss Post.

There is always the possibility to put an item back on sale even if the order has been cancelled.

Once the shipment of the item has been validated 

  • If a package has been lost by Swiss Post or returned to the seller ;
  • If the item was damaged during shipping ;
  • If the item received is completely different from the description in the listing ;
  • If the item is counterfeit.

In these cases, a dispute may be opened and Clozen will assist the affected party for a refund under Clozen refund policy.

Please note there is no compensation for the B5 / B4 envelope formats in the event of loss or damage during transport.