Transaction cancelled before shipping ?

If an order has been cancelled and/or non-shipped (within 5 days) by the seller, the transaction will be cancelled.

Transaction cancelled after shipping !

Buyers on Clozen benefit from the Clozen Buyer Protection which covers them in the following cases:

  • The item does not conform at all to the description in the listing ;
  • The item was never delivered but was sent by Swiss Post using the prepaid label provided by Clozen ;
  • The item was damaged during shipping ;
  • The item is counterfeit.

After opening a dispute and an investigation by Clozen support, a transaction can be cancelled.

Please note :

  • Try to find an agreement between members to avoid a negative automatic review by Clozen ;
  • If an order has been cancelled, you can put the item or batch back on sale by clicking on "Relist".