Your item has received few visits

If an item that you have posted on Clozen does not receive many visits, it may not have been sufficiently promoted. It is important to refine your listings to ensure that they are appealing, with a detailed description of the item and nice pictures to showcase it. Please see the information on How to take beautiful pictures.

The Clozen team will send you a warning if your pictures do not comply with its catalogue sales policy.

What could be the reasons:

  • The item is not visible in its entirety ;
  • The item is dirty or wrinkled ;
  • The item is not photographed against a neutral background, the picture is blurred ;
  • The item is not sufficiently visible, the picture is not bright enough ;
  • The item is not highlighted in the picture ;
  • The natural colours have been altered by a filter or inappropriate lighting ;
  • Text and comments are included in the pictures ;
  • The item is presented from several angles in a photomontage ;
  • The pictures illustrating the item have been downloaded from a web page or image databank that does not belong to the seller and may therefore be considered suspicious.