The Clozen authenticity policy ?

All so-called "luxury" brand items or items over CHF 500.00 must be authenticated or they will be hidden or deleted. It is essential to prove their authenticity through pictures with a focus on the seams, fasteners, labels and brand logo, buttons, certificate, invoice, original box.

Under no circumstances do we accept the sale of counterfeit items, copies or any item whose manufacturing process until it is put on sale violates intellectual property rights. Clozen has zero tolerance for counterfeit products.

We invite you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions and in particular what is allowed and prohibited to be sold.

For a successful sales experience, for a healthy and pleasant browsing experience on Clozen, we ask you to respect Clozen's rules and to inform us of any form of malice.

  • It is imperative that you provide proof of authenticity when an item is a so-called "luxury" brand. They must be added to the listing for the luxury item for sale ;
  • We will not tolerate any copies of products. We will therefore permanently remove them even if the seller was not aware of the fact that they were counterfeit ;
  • Members who intentionally sell counterfeit products will have their account blocked without prior warning ;
  • If a member repeatedly sells counterfeit products, the Clozen team will permanently block their account ;
  • Clozen reserves the right to communicate cases of fraud to the competent authorities.

Proof of authenticity to be provided:

  • The original tag of the item with the brand name, the logo ;
  • Brand details (logo embroidery, zips, brand name on buttons, stitching, stamp...) ;
  • The serial number ;
  • Certificate of authenticity ;
  • Original packaging, cover, case ;
  • Proof of purchase (invoice, receipt) ;
  • Any proof that the item is not a copy and that it complies with Clozen's sales rules.

Good to know :

  • Please report to the Clozen team any item that you have noticed that does not comply with the platform's authenticity policy ;
  • If a listing shows a different brand than the one of the item, thereby violating intellectual property rights, Clozen will remove it.

Before putting an item up for sale, check its authenticity.