All the steps to a successful purchase to your satisfaction

Here are 5 important points :

  1. Find the item that interests you

    Browse the Clozen catalogue and the news feed to find the item you want. Don't hesitate to consult the article : finding items.

  1. Contact the seller

    • Click on "Message to seller" to ask for information about the item you are interested in or make an offer by clicking on "Make an offer" to get a discount. You have the possibility of conversing in the language of your interlocutor thanks to our integrated translation tool ;
    • Use the Clozen secure messaging system and never pursue exchanges outside the platform ;
    • Go to the seller's profile to see his reviews and the comments left by other members.
  1. Buy your item(s)

    For a purchase without price negotiation, click on "Pay", or on the "Accept offer" button that appears in the chat with the seller if there is a negotiation. 

    Make the payment :

    • Select a delivery address ;
    • Select your payment method ;
    • Click on "Pay" to validate the order.


    In order to be covered in case of a problem, we recommend that you only communicate via the Clozen platform during the entire sales process.

    In the event of a dispute, you can obtain a refund of the price of the item thanks to the Clozen Buyer Protection.

  1. Receiving the order

    • The seller must ship the item or batch within 5 days (120 hours) ;
    • Delivery is normally made within 2 to 3 working days. Check the status of your order on the Clozen platform or on the Swiss Post website ; 
    • Always make a video recording of the reception and opening of your package / envelope.
  1. Let us know that everything is OK

    To confirm receipt of your order, you must inform us by clicking on "Everything is OK". You have 2 days (48 hours) to let us know if you encounter a problem, by clicking on the "I have a problem" button.

    2 possible options:

    • Your order has been successfully delivered: click on "Everything is OK" so that the payment can be made; 
    • Click on "I have a problem" if things did not go as planned ;
    • If the received item does not match the description at all or if it is counterfeit, you have 2 days (48 hours) to report it ;
    • If the package arrives damaged, you also have 2 days (48 hours) to report it.

If you have tried to reach an agreement with the seller but have been unsuccessful, ask the Clozen support to intervene. We will try to find a solution to the dispute and possibly refund your money.