Adding an item to your "Favorites"

If you like an item but don't want to buy it right away, you can put it in your "Favorites" by clicking the heart icon next to the item, and possibly buy it later.

You can find the item in your "Favorites" by clicking on the heart icon next to your profile picture. Not interested in this item anymore? Remove it from your "Favorites" by clicking again on the heart icon for the respective item and it will no longer be included.

Please note that you will be notified of the seller lowers the price of the item in question.


One of your items has been added as a "Favorite"

You will be sent a notification that your item has been added as a favorite by another member.

You can also contact this member to start a conversation and possibly make an offer by clicking on "Make an offer" and then choosing the new price for the item after discount.