If you want to create a batch of items

To create a batch, you must browse through the wardrobe of a seller

How to proceed ?

  1. From the seller's wardrobe or product listing, click on "Buy in batch" ;
  2. From then on, the seller's complete wardrobe appears and you can add the items you want to buy to make up your batch. For each item added or deleted in your batch, the total amount will be updated automatically ;
  3. When your batch is composed, click on "Buy this batch" or on "Make an offer on this batch ;
  4. Once you have reached an agreement on the final price for the batch, the seller must define an appropriate package size for shipping. You will then see the total amount of your batch, including the adjusted shipping costs and you will be able to finalise your order from the messaging system ;
  5. Click on "Pay" to complete your order.

Please note :

It is possible for a seller to set up automatic discounts for batch sales starting from a certain number of items.

It is also possible for a seller to bear the shipping costs.

Enjoy attractive offers by using batch sales!