Reviewing a sales experience

To share your experiences with sellers and buyers in complete confidence, we recommend that you leave a review once your transactions have been finalized.

How to do this?

  1. Once the sale has been completed, click on the "Leave a review" button that will appear in the chat thread ;
  2. Submit your review by choosing the appropriate number of stars and leave a comment, this will allow users to see if the communication was easy, the sale was quickly (or not) completed.

Modifying or deleting a review

You have the option to edit or delete a review that you left for another member.

Automatic review

If you do not submit a review, Clozen can leave one for you, it will be done automatically.

How to choose the number of stars?

  •   -   : You are not satisfied with the sale (order not delivered, hidden defects not mentioned in the listing...). Please get in touch with the rated member to try to understand this setback ;
  •     : It is neither completely satisfactory nor completely disappointing but the experience could have been better ;
  •      -       : The contact and the sale went well or very well (promptness, mutual respect, satisfaction with the item received...).

If you think you have received a bad review:

Do not hesitate to contact the other member again to understand the disappointment.

Clozen will not delete any reviews unless we feel that the comments do not comply with the rules of our sales platform.

Please note:

  • It is only once the transaction has been finalised that you can leave a review for the seller ;
  • It is no longer possible to leave a review if an item has been deleted ;
  • It is possible for a member to respond to a review he received from another member ;
  • If you contact the same member several times for different sales, you will be able to leave a review each time.