Who bears the shipping costs?

The shipping costs are by default at the buyer's expense. When the order is validated, the buyer is informed of the shipping costs, which are automatically added to the total amount of the order, depending on the chosen package / envelope size.

When a buyer wishes to buy several items from your wardrobe, a batch will be created, which may require an adjustment of the package / envelope size and therefore the shipping price.

An additional insurance of CHF 2.00 will be added automatically to the shipping costs for any shipment with a value of more than CHF 500.00 with a coverage up to CHF 1’500.00 and of CHF 7.00 for any shipment with a value of more than CHF 1’500.00 with a coverage up to CHF 5’000.00. Any shipment with a value of CHF 500.00 or more must be sent in a package.

There is no compensation for the B5 / B4 envelope formats in the event of loss or damage during transport.

Please note:

On certain items, the seller may decide to bear the shipping costs.

If the seller chooses a package size that is too small, Clozen will invoice the seller for the additional costs associated with sending the package. Clozen also reserves the right to suspend any user who is a repeat offender.