If you are a buyer, here is the information concerning the delivery method

The Swiss Post

All shipments made through Clozen must be sent using the Swiss Post prepaid label provided to the seller following the transaction made by the buyer.

The transport costs related to the shipping of orders via Swiss Post are by default at the buyer's expense. It is during the summary of the order that the buyer is informed of the shipping costs which are automatically added to the total amount of the order, depending on the choice of the package / envelope format and the value of the shipment selected by the seller.

When a buyer wishes to purchase several items from a wardrobe, a batch will be created, which may require an adaptation of the package / envelope format and therefore the shipping price.

An additional insurance of CHF 2.00 will be added automatically to the shipping costs for any shipment with a value of more than CHF 500.00 with a coverage up to CHF 1’500.00 and of CHF 7.00 for any shipment with a value of more than CHF 1’500.00 with a coverage up to CHF 5’000.00. Any shipment with a value of CHF 500.00 or more must be sent in a package.

The costs related to this additional insurance will be displayed in the buyer's shopping cart during the order summary.

Thanks to our trusted partner Swiss Post, you will be able to:

  • Track your order on Clozen and on the Swiss Post website by entering the tracking number.
  • Receive a refund in the event of a problem during shipping thanks to the Clozen Buyer Protection*.

* This does not apply to personal shipments. The Clozen Buyer Protection only applies if you complete your purchase on Clozen and you use the prepaid label provided by Swiss Post.

Please note there is no compensation for the B5 / B4 envelope formats in the event of loss or damage during transport.

In case of a problem during the shipping process

Click on "I have a problem" if things do not go as planned:

  • If the received item does not match the description at all, is counterfeit or is damaged, you have 2 days to report it ;
  • If your order was never delivered but its status on the website confirms otherwise, you also have 2 days to report this. 

If you have tried to reach an agreement with the seller without success, contact us. We will try to find a solution to the dispute and possibly refund your money.