Catalogue rules - General information

To ensure that our platform is a safe and friendly place for both buyers and sellers, we ask that you respect the following catalogue rules when you list items online.

These rules are an integral part of our Terms and Conditions that members have accepted when registering on Clozen.

  1. General information

    • You must put each of your items online in a separate and well described listing ;
    • Choose the right categories and sub-categories for your item ;
    • Choose the right size for your item ;
    • Choose the correct brand for your item ;
    • Each item should have a description that reflects its condition. Any anomalies (stains, holes, missing parts, wear and tear, etc.) must be clearly mentioned in the description ;
    • You may only post one listing per item ;
    • Listings offering several items for sale at the same time must be marked "batch" or "set", not only in the title, but also in the description. In addition, these items sold in a batch may not be sold separately ;
    • You may not refer to external sites on the Clozen platform ; 
    • The platform does not allow invitations to tender or auctions. Make sure that the price of your items is not too low, your listing could be considered as an auction or appear suspicious. See this section on How to set a good price ;
    • If you are selling an electrical device that requires a mains connection or is battery operated, which may emit heat, check the condition of the cables, which should not show signs of wear or be loose ;
    • The price range that can be set is between CHF 2.00 and CHF 10,000.00
  1. Requirements for the pictures of the item(s)

First of all we advise you to read our tips on How to take beautiful pictures and Pictures of luxury items if you intend to list items valued at more than CHF 500.00. The pictures illustrating the items in your listings must meet the following requirements:

  • They must not alter the colours of the item and must not be edited ;
  • They must be sharp and not blurred ;
  • They must be sufficiently bright ;
  • Any anomaly on the item must be clearly visible on the picture ;
  • They must not come from the Internet, image databanks, advertisements or any other source other than your camera. They must be taken by yourself ;
  • It is strongly recommended that a picture of the item being worn be used as the first picture (teaser picture). Additional pictures should be of the item as a whole, from the front, back and from all angles. Do not hesitate to highlight small details (buttons, embroidery, etc.) ;
  • They should highlight the authenticity of the item. See the article What is the Clozen Authenticity Policy


You can add up to 10 pictures for each of your listings. For luxury items, you will be asked for at least 3 pictures proving the authenticity of the item.

  1. Policy on intellectual property

  • It is strictly forbidden to sell counterfeit items on Clozen. These are generally copies of a brand, a manufacturer (logo, brand name, specific details of the manufacturer). Counterfeit items can also take the form of a bottle, a design, etc... ; 
  • You must ensure that you only post items that you can prove are genuine ;
  • Members must provide proof of the item's authenticity, in particular by posting pictures clearly showing it ;
  • You are not allowed to mention any other brand than the one related to the item for sale ;
  • Do not use the term "inspired by..." when mentioning a brand name. This is forbidden on the Clozen platform ;
  • If you want to use another person's text or pictures, you will need their permission ;
  • It is strictly forbidden to publish listings and sell items that are reproduced without the consent of the owner of the intellectual property rights.

Warning: A seller of counterfeit items is liable to civil and criminal prosecution.

  1. Commercial activities

It is forbidden for individual members to put items online that are sold for commercial purposes without contacting Clozen beforehand. Here is a non-exhaustive list of activities that we could consider as commercial:

  • You sell in large volumes (taking into account the number of transactions made and/or the amount of revenue generated) ;
  • You sell a very large number of new items (with or without labels) and/or a very large number of low-priced items ;
  • You sell identical items, but in different colours ; 
  • You sell items with the following indications: "can be ordered", "out of stock", "available soon"... ;
  • You put items online that you did not buy for yourself, but with the aim of reselling them ;
  • Your sales become a regular source of income or profit ;
  • You sell for your own business, because you have a legal status that allows you to do business;
  • You are selling self-made items ;
  • You sell on behalf of a particular merchant or through another person acting in his or her name and on his or her behalf, and you receive an income or gratuity ;
  • You rent out your items or services ;
  • The pictures illustrating your listings come from image databanks or the Internet.
  1. Penalties

If our catalogue rules are not respected, we may take the following measures:

  • If a listing has been reported to us and needs to be changed, we will hide it from the wardrobe of the member concerned and inform him/her by message of the measures he/she must take. If the member concerned does not take the necessary action within the time limit, the item will remain hidden ;
  • If a listing has been reported to us as being for a prohibited item, we will remove the listing from the member's wardrobe and send a message to the member giving the reasons for the removal ;
  • If a member repeatedly offers prohibited or inappropriate items for sale, we may suspend his or her account for a period of time or, in some cases, permanently. They will receive a message informing them of our decision. If you would like more information on this subject, you can refer to our Terms and Conditions.

What is allowed to be sold on Clozen:

  • Textiles for women, men, children and babies, shoes and fashion accessories (bags, glasses, scarves, belts, hats...) ;
  • Perfumes & beauty products in their original packaging, beauty and cosmetic appliances ;
  • Watches (including smart watches) and jewellery.


Sportswear, sports shoes, glasses, protective gear, helmets and small sports accessories are allowed.

Note 2:

For hygienic reasons, only new underwear may be sold: the pictures illustrating the item must show the labels attached to the item, as well as, if possible, its packaging, its original cover. Labels detailing the composition and brand labels are not considered as labels.

Note 3:

You may sell bras, swimwear, tights or socks that have already been worn, provided that they have been properly washed beforehand and that this is indicated in the description.


Anything that does not fit into the above categories cannot be sold on Clozen.

What is not allowed to be sold on Clozen

  • Counterfeit products ;
  • Items that do not comply with applicable laws ;
  • Items that infringe on the intellectual property rights of their owners ;
  • All foodstuffs and food supplements, energy capsules, drinks, medicines (prescription or not), medical devices ;
  • Furniture of any kind ;
  • All types of weapons ;
  • Official uniforms, badges, accessories or any other type of object of the armed forces, police or other emergency services. International humanitarian aid emblems and names (on their own or on clothing) ;
  • Nazi or fascist uniforms and accessories ;
  • Items received free of charge ;
  • Animals ;
  • Reptile skins, shell products, ivory products (note: leather, sheep's wool, cashmere and mohair or fur products are allowed) ;
  • Pet supplies and products categorized as veterinary medical products, such as supplements and treatments (flea shampoos, vitamins, medicines, etc.) ;
  • Drugs, devices for the consumption of drugs, tobacco and related products such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic cigarettes or other vaping devices and accessories ;
  • Any item directly or indirectly related to or condoning violence of any kind ;
  • Any item that is hateful, discriminatory or directly or indirectly related to terrorism ;
  • Household appliances, kitchen utensils and accessories, high-tech equipment, video games, garden or DIY equipment ;
  • Musical instruments ;
  • Any item that has already been used and does not comply with hygiene standards, presenting a health risk for the consumer (opened beauty products, underwear already worn, piercings, etc.).

Make sure that your listings and the items you have put up for sale comply with our Clozen catalogue rules. If any of your listings appear to violate these rules, other members can report them for review by the Clozen team. If your item is found to be non-compliant, we will be allowed to remove or hide it. You may also be subject to other measures, such as suspension or blocking of your account. 

Please note:

If you have any questions about the above rules, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. If you see an item or listing that does not seem to comply with the above rules, please report it to us.