Clozen's secure payment system

What is the Clozen Wallet

As soon as a sale is completed, it yields a revenue of the initial amount set by the seller, minus the 5% sales commission and a transaction fee of CHF 1.50.

This amount is paid directly into the Clozen Wallet where it is kept until the member who receives it uses it on the site or transfers it to an associated bank account. Whichever method of payment the buyer chooses, the amount of the sale is paid and held securely!

It is not necessary to have money on your Clozen Wallet to buy on our site. You can pay directly with a credit card.

The Clozen Wallet cannot be topped up manually. Only the proceeds from sales are credited to the wallet.

How to use the Clozen Wallet?

  1. A successful sale generates revenue for the seller.
  2. Once the delivery of the order has been validated by the buyer or 2 days after delivery if the buyer does not report any particular problem, the order is considered finalized. The amount available will appear in the Clozen Wallet.
  3. When the payment is available in the Clozen Wallet, the seller has the option to:
  • Leave the money in his Clozen Wallet ;
  • Make a purchase on Clozen ;
  • Transfer the money from the Clozen Wallet to an associated bank account.

Please note:

The amount available in the Clozen Wallet will be transferable to a bank account only after you have activated your Clozen Wallet. It will be required to send an official document proving your identity (KYC) and a bank statement in order to activate it.

What is the benefit of the Clozen Wallet?

In order to guarantee a safe and secure shopping experience, Clozen has chosen to provide its members with a digital wallet that allows them to pay for their purchases in one click.

In the event of a valid dispute, Clozen will reimburse the buyer in his or her Clozen Wallet. However, it is also possible to reach an amicable agreement between members before escalating a problem to Clozen support.

Clozen can also charge the user's Clozen Wallet for adjustments related to shipping costs (chosen package too small, return, reshipment, etc.) for example.

The different steps to activate your Clozen Wallet after your first sale or refund

  1. Go to "My settings" ;
  2. Click on "My bank details" ;
  3. Add a copy of both sides of your valid identity document.
  4. Add your IBAN (SEPA zone only) and a copy of your bank statement containing your first name, last name, address, IBAN and the logo of your bank.

Please note that you may have to wait up to 24 hours for your identity to be verified. Also, if you ID does not meet our quality standards, you may need to submit it again.

Your first transfer from your Clozen Wallet to an associated bank account

  1. Go to "My settings" ;
  2. Click on "My wallet" ;
  3. Click on "Transfer" my wallet. The money available on your Clozen Wallet will be transfered to the bank account associated with your Clozen account.

When the information relating to the transfer of money is set up, it is no longer necessary to provide it again, it is saved in your Clozen settings. Simply click on "Transfer" to automatically transfer the amount from your Clozen Wallet to your bank account.  

Please note : Only IBAN accounts from the SEPA zone are authorised on Clozen.