Clozen community rules

Clozen aims to create a community that is enjoyable for its members to engage and trade with. A precise and strict set of rules will make the community a safe space for exchanges.


Clozen wishes to ensure a safe environment for its members. This is why we have set out a few recommendations for you to follow:

What is not recommended:

  • Giving out personal information (identity, address, phone number, email, bank details...) during conversations between sellers and buyers, or in the comments of reviews ;
  • Transacting via a payment platform other than Clozen's, which presents a risk factor for which we decline all responsibility ;
  • Responding to spam or phishing messages about your activities on Clozen ;
  • Publishing pictures with an identifiable, unblurred face ;
  • Continuing your conversations outside of the Clozen platform's dialogue box.

When you make contact with a member regarding an item, do not hesitate to consult their profile and read the reviews they have received. This may help to avoid problems during the transaction.

Please note:

Be wary of people who communicate their bank details to you by email or text message. If this happens to you, please contact us immediately.

If you are being harassed, phished, insulted, intimidated or if someone tries to get personal information or a picture of you wearing an item for sale, please report it to us.

Hate speech and discrimination

Clozen is committed to making its platform a safe space for exchange, open to members from all walks of life. This is why we will not accept any form of discrimination or hate speech throughout the content of our site.

No hate speech concerning nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity or orientation, social status, illness, disability, etc. will be tolerated. Clozen will make sure to put a stop to it.

If the Clozen community rules are violated by a member, we will not hesitate to block their account temporarily or permanently.

If you witness inappropriate actions (harassment, insulting comments, phishing attempts), please report it to us. We will investigate to find the source of the problem.

Clozen will not tolerate any content related to terrorism or the glorification of any kind of violence within the community, nor beyond its platform. If a member breaks a single rule relating to the above-mentioned topics, we will remove the content they have posted on Clozen. We do not wish to see criminal acts organized by any individual or group. Please let us know if you think you know of any crime related to malicious activities or hate groups.

Sexual content

Any content that is sexual, pornographic, child pornographic, vulgar or contains pictures showing nudity will be removed from the Clozen platform. We will not accept the circulation of messages of a sexual nature between members of the community on the platform, either in the messaging system or on the forum. If you receive such content or messages, or if you see images of a sexual nature, please report it to us.

Forum and private messages

When you need to contact another member of the community regarding a transaction, there is a private message box available.

Clozen expects each member of the community to be respectful of other members. If private messages contain inappropriate language (racism, discrimination, hatred...), sexual, pornographic or child pornographic content, an apology for violence, terrorism, drugs, or illegal acts, etc., they will be deleted from the platform according to the rules of use. Thank you for informing us if you are the target.

If a forum topic or a private message is not related to the activities of the platform, if it is a spam, if it violates the rules of the community, thank you to report it.

Prohibited sales

In order to offer community members a quality service that guarantees safety, we encourage you to:

  1. Read the rules and regulations concerning what is authorized or forbidden to sell on Clozen and be attentive to the conformity of the listings published and the items offered for sale ;
  2. Report any seller who does not respect the rules of selling on Clozen. 

Clozen reserves the right to delete items that do not conform to the rules of selling even if they are not on the list of unauthorized items.

Authenticity of the items

All so-called "luxury" brand items must be authenticated by a proof (certificate, minimum of 3 pictures...) or they will be hidden or deleted.

Under no circumstances do we accept the sale of counterfeit items, copies or any item whose manufacturing process until it is put on sale violates intellectual property rights. Clozen has zero tolerance for counterfeit products.

We invite you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions and in particular what is allowed and prohibited to be sold.

For a successful sales experience, for a healthy and pleasant browsing experience on our platform, we ask you to respect Clozen's rules and to inform us of any form of malice.