Payment security, data protection and support for sellers

To ensure a secure sale, buyers must pay for their orders via the Clozen platform. Under these conditions, we guarantee:

  1. A secure money transfer

    The Clozen Wallet allows you to store the proceeds of orders placed by your buyers, until they have validated their receipt and conformity of the order. They have 2 working days to do so upon receipt of their order.

    If they forget to do so, we will automatically validate the order and transfer the revenue to you once these 2 days have passed.

  1. Data protection

    The bank details that you have entered on Clozen are securely stored by our financial partner and are not disclosed to other members. You do not have to provide them to your buyers.

  1. Clozen team support

    If you have a problem with a transaction, you can contact us. The Clozen team will do their very best to help you.

  1. Applying the Clozen Refund Policy

    If a buyer makes an abusive attempt to obtain a refund, the Clozen team will intervene.