For what reasons has your account been blocked?

If at times the Clozen team is forced to block an account, either temporarily or permanently, we always try to find an amicable solution and inform our members beforehand.

An account may be blocked if the Clozen rules are not respected, whether it be the Terms and Conditions, the Catalogue rules or the Community rules.

Your account may be blocked if:

  • You are insulting other members or the Clozen team ;
  • You are at the origin of spammy messages ;
  • You offer counterfeit products for sale ;
  • You promote any sale outside of the Clozen platform ;
  • You commit acts of fraud against other members ;
  • You repeatedly display inappropriate behavior that does not respect Clozen's rules ;
  • You offer products for sale that are not on the list of products authorized for sale on Clozen ;
  • You do not respect the sizing of packages / envelopes ;
  • You do not respond to messages from the Clozen team concerning problems with your orders.

Recover your earnings if your account is blocked

If your account is permanently blocked, you can transfer the balance of your Clozen Wallet to your bank account, please contact us.