Your listing has been hidden or deleted

Clozen reserves the right to hide or delete a listing if the team believes that it does not comply with the sales policy of Clozen.


Cases in which we hide or delete a listing:

  • It does not include proof of authenticity or not enough ;
  • A brand other than that of the item appears in the listing ;
  • Parts of the listing may mislead the buyer ;
  • A listing advertises another sales platform ;
  • The listing has not been placed in the right category ;
  • The pictures that are supposed to highlight the item are not clear enough, are of poor quality or are not in the right format ;
  • The item has been put online to be the subject of an inflated bid ;
  • The seller's contact details are shown in a picture or in the description of the item ;
  • The item posted online is counterfeit ;
  • The pictures illustrating the item have been downloaded from a web page or image databank that does not belong to the seller ;
  • The item is not included in the Terms and Conditions ;
  • The item is not part of what is allowed to be sold on Clozen ;
  • If the item being sold is a beauty product, a perfume, a makeup palette, etc. and has already been used or is no longer in its original sealed packaging (proving that it has not been used).


Reporting a prohibited item

Clozen pays particular attention to its catalogue. However, it is possible that items that are banned from sale are not detected early enough. In order to help the community, please report listings that violate Clozen's Sales Policy.


Please note:

  • If one of your items has been hidden or deleted, the Clozen team will send you a message to inform you ;
  • If a member repeats the same process of putting a forbidden item up for sale several times, Clozen will delete their account. The same will happen if a member repeatedly sells items that do not comply with Clozen's Authenticity Policy.