How to solve a technical problem?

If you encounter a technical problem and you are on Clozen:

  • Try changing your internet browser or device (tablet if you are on a computer or vice versa, for example) ;
  • Empty your browser's cache and delete the cookies ;
  • Close your browser windows and restart it. The problem may be solved ;
  • Update your browser ;
  • Restart your computer or other device ;
  • Disable or change the settings of any anti-spam or anti-virus software. They may be hiding some elements of the site. Check that they are deactivated, but also that the Clozen site is one of the exceptions.

If after all these actions the technical problem persists, please contact us by sending us the following information:

  • A screenshot where you can clearly see the problem in question ;
  • Tell us whether you are using Windows or Mac and which version of the system you are using ;
  • The name and version of the browser you are using.