Money received in the Clozen wallet

A successful sale yields a revenue that appears in the seller's Clozen wallet.

The service provider temporarily stores the pending money until the transaction is finalized.

The transaction will be completed if:

  • The buyer clicks on "All is OK" upon receipt of the order, or 
  • The buyer does not report any problem within 2 days of receiving the order.

Please note:

The amount available in your Clozen Wallet can only be transferred to a bank account after you have activated your Clozen Wallet. You will need to provide proof of identity (KYC) and a bank statement in order to activate it.

What is the benefit of the Clozen Wallet?

In order to guarantee a safe and secure shopping experience, Clozen has chosen to provide its members with a digital wallet that allows them to pay for their purchases in one click.

In the event of a valid dispute, Clozen will reimburse the buyer in his Clozen Wallet. However, it is also possible to reach an amicable agreement between members before escalating a problem to Clozen support.

Clozen can also charge the user's Clozen Wallet for adjustments related to shipping costs (chosen package too small, return, reshipment, etc.) for example.


Your contact information and the amount in your wallet are private, securely stored on Clozen and will not be disclosed to anyone.