A successful sale generates a receipt of money that appears in the seller's Clozen Wallet as follows - Pending Amount.

Clozen temporarily stores money on hold until the transaction is finalised.

When the transaction is finalised, the amount of its payment is available and is added to the Clozen Wallet. 

Please note:

The amount of a pending payment will be made available to you only after you have activated your Clozen Wallet – Amount available.

What does the Clozen Wallet guarantee?

To guarantee a safe selling and buying experience, Clozen has chosen, for its platform, to make sales receipts available to the seller on a deferred basis.

In the event of a problem during the transaction, the wallet allows Clozen to possibly refund the buyer.


The information relating to your contact details and the amount of your Clozen Wallet are private, securely saved on Clozen and will not be disclosed in any way.